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I did part one responding to the whole “stop Clearway Law” thing, but the situation and our products have developed since then, so I wanted to provide an update and respond to the commonly searched terms on Google. 

Those search terms are below:

  • Clearway law scandal
  • Someone should stop Clearway Law
  • Clearway Law subtitles
  • What is Clearway Law?
  • Clearway Law Wikipedia

If you want to see the article I wrote on the Clearway controversy, you can follow the link. I added a lot of screenshots of the criticism there so I won’t bother to include them here. I will focus on what wasn’t covered in the other article.

What is Clearway Law?

Clearway is an innovative online platform (similar to Avvo) that provides a range of legal resources and services to users. We were founded in 2022 and are based in China. Our team is mostly based in Canada.

The platform offers a directory of lawyers that allows users to search for legal professionals based on their location, practice area, and client ratings. This directory is an excellent resource for anyone looking to find a lawyer for their legal needs.

In addition to its lawyer directory, Clearway also provides a Q&A forum where users can ask legal questions and receive answers from lawyers. This feature is beneficial for those seeking legal advice and looking for answers to their legal questions.

Clearway also provides an innovative legal marketing platform for lawyers. This feature enables legal professionals to advertise their services to a wider audience, increasing their visibility and attracting more clients.

The platform provides various legal resources and information to help users understand legal issues. The platform is recognized for its innovative approach to legal services and has garnered attention on social media.

Our platform is a comprehensive platform for legal services and information that is useful for anyone looking for legal assistance or advice. Its user-friendly features and innovative approach make it an excellent resource for both legal professionals and individuals seeking legal assistance.

Stop Clearway Law

Pros and cons

Clearway has been a topic of debate in the legal industry. While some people praise Clearway’s innovative approach to legal services, others criticize it from a privacy law perspective.

Those in favour of Clearway argue that it provides a platform for clients to find and research lawyers, making it easier for people to find the right lawyer for their needs. They also point out that the rating system provides transparency and accountability, helping clients to make informed decisions.

Additionally, Clearway’s Q&A forum and legal resources can help educate the public on legal issues, which can be helpful for those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

However, critics of Clearway point out that the rating system is flawed and can be manipulated, which raises concerns about its accuracy and reliability. They also argue that the privacy implications of Clearway’s profile system are concerning. Personal information about lawyers may be displayed publicly without their consent, which can be problematic from a privacy law perspective.

Opinions on Clearway are mixed, with both supporters and detractors in the legal industry. While Clearway’s platform can be useful for clients looking for legal services and for providing legal education resources, it also raises concerns about the accuracy of its rating system and privacy issues.

It is up to individuals to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether Clearway is the right platform for their legal needs.

Clearway Law Scandal

The Clearway Law Scandal: A Timeline

The Clearway Law scandal began around December of 2021 when the company began creating lawyer profiles using indexing, which would help users search for lawyers more efficiently. However, a Reddit user began leaving negative reviews for Clearway and posting criticism on the website, even going so far as to say that “someone should stop Clearway Law.”

After Clearway developed the feature for lawyers to claim their profiles, the individual stopped posting on Reddit, as far as the company knows. However, for a while, they were also direct messaging people on Reddit with similar “stop Clearway Law” messages using what we believe to be a Reddit bot. It is unclear whether these messages have stopped or not.

The scandal has caused significant controversy for Clearway Law, with some people calling for the company to be shut down, although it was unclear who was meant to “shut us down.”

I try to make fun articles to teach people about law, like the one below, and it seems strange to me that there has been so much controversy.

Clearway Law and the Subtitles Debate

Recently, a debate has arisen on Reddit regarding if Clearway Law had involvement in advertising on subtitle services.

The controversy began when a person started defaming Clearway Law online, making accusations that Alistair Vigier is a Chinese spy and a fraud. However, despite this negative attention, Clearway Law received an outpouring of support from its clients and the public.

After the individual stopped posting about Clearway Law and subtitles, the company’s web traffic decreased. In response, Clearway Law reached out to OpenSubtitles to run the same ads that the individual had previously run. The ads conveyed the same anti-lawyer rating message since it was so ridiculous, and the marketing campaign has been successful.

Clearway Law is also working on building its subtitle API that will provide subtitles for free, with Clearway Law ads displayed at the beginning and end of the movie or show. The goal of this service is to encourage more people to leave ratings for lawyers and make more lawyers aware of their profiles.

It is important to note that Clearway Law has never set up any direct messaging bots on Reddit, as this is likely spam.

Clearway Law is focused on providing valuable legal tech services and building its subtitle API to benefit its clients and the public.

What’s a subtitle API?

A subtitle API is a tool that helps software developers add subtitles to their programs. Subtitles are words that show what is being said in a video or movie, and they help people who don’t understand the language being spoken.

With a subtitle API, developers can get subtitle data from a database or server and use it in their programs. Developers can use these APIs to get subtitles for a specific video and change how the subtitles look.

Some subtitle APIs can also do things like automatically translate subtitles or match them up with the video. In general, subtitle APIs are a helpful tool for developers or websites that need to add subtitles to their programs.

Clearway Law Wikipedia

Clearway Law Wikipedia

Clearway does not have a Wikipedia page, as I am not involved with creating or editing Wikipedia. I’m not sure what the rules are. So if someone else is experienced at creating Wikipedia pages, maybe they can create one for ClearwayLaw. It seems a lot of people are searching for to term “Clearway Law Wiki.”

The information contained in this article will hopefully help create the page. I would hope that the ClearwayLaw Wikipedia would cover both the controversy but also the good things we are trying to do to improve the legal system.

What is Internet indexing?

These days search engines have become gatekeepers to information. They crawl and index websites, analyzing their content and structure to determine relevance to search terms or profiles. As such, it’s important for lawyers to consider how their online profiles are indexed, as this affects their visibility to potential clients.

To optimize a lawyer’s profile for search engines, lawyers need to include relevant keywords and phrases that potential clients are likely to use when searching for legal services. These can include information about their practice areas and geographic location, as well as other relevant details.

A well-structured lawyer profile with up-to-date information is also crucial. This includes a professional biography, contact information, and other details that can help potential clients evaluate the lawyer’s qualifications and experience. Lawyers can claim their profiles on Clearway and make sure all this information is correct.

Internet indexing is a critical factor in building a strong online presence and attracting new clients. By ensuring that their profiles are optimized for search engines, lawyers can increase their visibility and improve their chances of being found by potential clients seeking legal services online.

Alistair Vigier and Clearway

I am a Canadian/British entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Clearway, an online legal marketplace and directory that provides information and reviews on lawyers and legal issues. I went to law school but am not a lawyer.

Clearway was founded in 2022 with the goal of creating a more transparent and accessible legal industry. Clearway has become one of the most recognized and innovative companies in the legal tech space. 

If I missed any important questions or topics, reach out to me on Instagram to let me know what you want me to address.

Do you think people should stop Clearway Law?

Author: As the CEO of ClearwayLaw, Alistair Vigier is at the forefront of legal innovation. ClearwayLaw is a Canadian legal tech company that uses technology to streamline legal processes and provide affordable legal services to clients.