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Alistair Vigier
Managing Editor
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Alistair Vigier is the editor of AdvocateDaily, which was once one of the largest legal media websites in Canada.



In 2022, Alistair took over the website and has been working hard on restoring it to its former glory. The website traffic has been growing a lot.



If you are a lawyer and want to contribute legal articles (for free), please reach out. We are always looking for guest contributors. You can talk about your law firm (a bit) in the articles.



If you are a member of the public, and you are looking for a lawyer in Toronto or Vancouver, you can also reach out. I know many lawyers and I can suggest a few great ones.



I have also been posting a lot about real estate disputes on AdvocateDaily, so if you are looking for a Realtor in BC, I can suggest Jova Xu.