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Can You Legally Adopt an Adult?

If you are planning on legally adopting an adult, you can do so. Just keep in mind that the place you live will …

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Cancel your personal training contract In Canada

If your gym won’t let you cancel your personal training in Canada, then just get a law firm to send them an angry …

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Insurance Broker Negligence in Vancouver

While some insurance coverage is gained through group plans from an individual’s employment, many types of insurance require private policies. In order to …

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How Long Does A Military Divorce Take?

Divorce is difficult for all, and military divorces are no exception. If you’re currently going through a military divorce, you’re likely wondering how …

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Family Law Canada

What are ways you can settle an argument?

Have you ever lost an argument with a sibling or friend? Have you ever lost an argument with your parents, teachers, or even …

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