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How Recent Changes Impact Strata Owners in BC

BC’s Strata Property Act, since its inception, has impacted Strata Owners in BC. Originally crafted to regulate condo ownership, its scope now extends ...
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Real estate law

An Intro to Residential Tenancy Laws in BC

Are you looking into residential tenancy laws in BC? In the world of British Columbia housing, tenants and landlords navigate a complex legal ...
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The pros and cons of accepting service from a process server

Are you wondering if accepting service from a process server is the right thing to do? When a process server approaches your property, ...
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Are evictions from homeless camps illegal in Canada?

The eviction of homeless camps in Canada has become a hot-button issue sparking debates. These camps, often tucked away in public parks and ...
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Defining Sovereign Citizens: The Law’s Perspective

The Sovereign Citizen Movement is a patchwork of beliefs, customs, and rituals, with roots deep in American history. Its participants insist they’re merely ...
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