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Ryerson Law Practice Program

Are you interested in the Ryerson law practice program? Ryerson Law has written a number of articles for Advocate Daily. Back in 2019, we were excited to hear of the new Ryerson Law program. Toronto’s first downtown law school!

But this law practice program is not law school. It’s a training component that teaches you about a number of things:

  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Analytical skills
  • Research Skills
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Practice Management

We look forward to continuing our association with the innovative Ryerson Law program. The law school is located at 10 Dundas St E #1002, Toronto, ON M5B 2G9, Canada. We copied the graphic below from the Ryerson Law website.

If you are thinking of applying for the law school, you can visit their website. The new program appears to replace the new for articling in Ontario. It is not the actually law school process. This is great because many people have a hard time finding articling positions in Ontario. Also, law school often doesn’t do a good job at preparing people for actually practicing law.

As you can see in the graph, you will learn about some of the following topics:

  • Legal research
  • How to prepare a retainer (super important)
  • Sending a demand letter
  • Responding to an urgent voice mail
  • Send an opinion memo

Reach out to the University to learn more about the Ryerson Law Practice Program.